Pilot Titles

How well do you know the titles of episodes of your favorite shows? Do you even give them a thought? Some shows get pretty creative. Some naming conventions are discussed here.

Pilot episodes are usually just called “Pilot,” possibly because the creators don’t know quite where the show is headed. But some shows have really cool pilot titles. Often, titles are added after the fact, possibly when the show is released on DVD.

Here are some of my favorite pilot titles I’ve come across. See if you can guess what shows they belong to. Answers are after the jump.

  1. Chuck Versus the Intersect
  2. Welcome to the Hellmouth
  3. Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire
  4. Pie-lette
  5. Genesis
  6. Days Gone Bye
  7. Space Pilot 3000
  8. The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate, a.k.a. The First One
  9. Sex and Violence (actually a second pilot, whatever that means)
  10. Everybody Lies

Here are the answers. Some, of course, are painfully obvious, others not so much.

  1. Chuck
  2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  3. The Simpsons
  4. Pushing Daisies
  5. Heroes
  6. The Walking Dead – just nominated for a Critics Choice Award – yay!
  7. Futurama
  8. Friends
  9. The Muppet Show (More on this pilot here.)
  10. House

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