Veronica Mars Season 4

So this has nothing at all to do with pilots, aside from the fact that the show in question has one of the best pilots ever, but it is so completely awesome that I had to post it. It’s unaired footage from Season 4 of Veronica Mars. No, there never was a Season 4, but this gives us a little taste of what might have been after that incredibly frustratingly open-ended series finale. I guess it’s been hanging around the web a while, but I just discovered it.

Our little girl made it to the FBI–and what a great frakking premise for her first assignment!

I guess the world will never know whether Keith was elected sheriff.

3 thoughts on “Veronica Mars Season 4

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  2. Hi there, please could you send me the link for Season 4 part 1 and 2, i have looked everywhere for a link, and everytime i try to download it, i get a message stating content has been removed as WB have placed a claim of copyright against them.

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