25 Years of Fox Pilots

Since the Fox network is celebrating its 25th anniversary on April 22, I thought I should write a blog post in honor of it. First I thought I’d pick a show that Fox prematurely cancelled, but that would be like shooting zombies in a barn.

Then I realized, I have already blogged about enough Fox shows to keep the inhabitants of Omicron Persei 8 entertained until someone decides to reboot Single Female Lawyer. So, here’s a list in roughly chronological order. Some selections fit squarely into the “cancelled too soon” category while others, deservedly or not, continue to air. I’m up for suggestions as to others I should cover — just leave a comment.

21 Jump Street

The Simpsons and King of the Hill (covered in one handy post)

Beverly Hills 90210

The X Files

That ’70s Show (A partial cast reunion will be part of Fox’s anniversary special.)




John Doe




New Amsterdam

Raising Hope

Bob’s Burgers

Breaking In

New Girl

The Finder

I also promise to review the Married…With Children pilot after Fox airs it on Sunday. I have never watched the show before, so it will be a true outsider’s view.

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